Appeal Fund

St. Mary’s is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, which means that the school needs a little support from all parents and friends in order to provide a state-funded education within a Christian framework. In order to maintain its Church of England status, 10% of all expenditure on the school building in terms of refurbishments and maintenance has to be met by the Fund, with the Department for Education (DfE)bearing 90% of the costs (unlike community schools where the entire costs are met by (DfE)The Governor’s School Appeal Fund was launched in 1986 in order to raise money for such future liabilities and for educational projects. In 09/10 the fund spent approximately £20,000 on improvements to the buildings and site and on vital equipment, such as IT equipment – Netbooks for pupils and a new wireless network. Over £200 was spent on supporting families towards the cost of the PGL Activity Week, available to year 6 pupils. Each year between £5-6,000 is contributed from parents and St Mary’s Church. Contribution towards the Fund is voluntary, but parents who send their children to St. Mary’s are asked to consider giving regularly to the Fund for the welfare of all the children at the School. If we all contribute a little, the load is very much lighter. The Fund is a registered charity, which means that the value of your donation can be significantly increased where donations are made under Gift Aid, as we are able to recover tax on the donation. For example, if you pay income tax, under Gift Aid a donation of £50 becomes £64 after tax recovery. Gift Aid and Direct Debit forms are available on request from the School Office. St. Mary’s Church makes an annual grant of £2,000 to the fund and members of other churches who send their children to St. Mary’s are encouraged to seek a donation to the fund from their own church each year. Please help us to help the children at the School by making a regular donation of a few pounds a month to the fund, and by encouraging your Church to do the same. For further information please enquire at the school office.