Learning Council

The Learning Council support St Mary’s at making sure that the learning around the school is meaningful, impactful and engaging. They are the first port of call if a subject lead wants to hear from the pupils and find out what is going well and what could do with improving. Some members of the Learning Council recognised that reading could have a greater presence in the school and, as a result of this feedback, we were able to implement our Star Book reading initiative with the help of both the Learning and School Councils.. The ongoing dialogue between learning councillors and teachers help maintain high standards of teaching and learning at St. Mary’s.

Year 1
Tahlia & Rocco
Arty & Sophia
Rosalie & Jonah


Year 2
Phoebe & Vincent
Jacob P & Sienna
Ake & Alice


Year 3
Arlo & Sophie
Freddie & Sara
Dylan & Florence


Year 4
Thea E & Zachary
Christian & Edith
Ebony & Thierry


Year 5
Bosley & Eleanor
Cameron & Mei
Kasie & Riley


Year 6
Gabrielle & Sonny C
Destinee & Rayyan